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Walter has a small dive school with good safe equipment at Tangalla. Most dives are (speed) boat dives. Coral in the Indian Ocean is poor at the moment due to the last few years of climate (writing this in March 1999). Good selection of fish. There are also turtles, rays and octopus. Many wrecks along the cost. It's good diving with Walter. He's laid back and relaxed, yet alert and attentive to make sure you're OK. Also - because it is a small diving outfit - and Walter wants to keep it that way - there is a nice intimacy and "one to one" about diving here. On the other pages you can see some photos that Walter took. He wishes to emphasize that these are not his best ones, but the ones he had at hand to give me to scan. He took the photos whilst diving around Tangalla.


Accommodation around here is cheap and good. Beaches are ideal - kilometres of sand and very few people. Food is great. One guest house on the other pages I have displayed is "Ganesh Gardens". Very clean rooms, really good food (with good size portions), and Baby. Baby runs the place. His vocation is to help you. This can feel like too much to begin with, but he will leave you in peace if you say you're knackered and that is what you want. You might not want to do what Baby suggests you could do, but Baby does not rip you off. He does know Sri Lanka and can be of great help.