Barbados 2001  


Kathryn, Sandollar hotel Grasshopper Kathryn, hotel room Lizard Mark in hotel

Harrison's Cave

Kathryn Cavern Kathryn under waterfall Mark Cave River
Big round stalagmites Wonderful cave water ...and again Rippling pools Stalactites
  Priceless phallic thingies   Trees outside cave  

Around St. Lawrence Gap/Worthing

Mark on beach Dance Fran & Mark and Castles Felix, Fran, Mark Kathryn
Fran, Felix, Kathryn, Mark Roti bar, lovely cheap food Kathryn, Mark, Felix, Fran Local supermarket Felix, Fran, Matt, Karen
Sand turtle Kathryn      

Heat Wave Catamaran - Excellent day out - Fran's Birthday

Heat Wave Felix and Fran on The Heat Wave   Heat Wave, Mark & Kathryn Heat Wave - after lunch

Around Bridgetown / Bajan Rhythms (disappointing) Cabaret

Lobster Alive Restaurant Kathryn, Fran & Felix, Bridgetown Felix smiling with pain of bus Bajan Rhythms - disappointing show Money better spent on Heat Wave
  Cocktails in Bridgetown   Cocktails and rest from the heat  

The Diving Photos

Boxfish - quite a number in shallow sandy water Black and white Colours of coral Typical reef bottom on south/west coast Tubes
Colours and gold Coral fish Moray eel Blue angels Under the protection of wrecks
Schools Kathryn scuba diving Bajan west coast Kathryn skin diving with turtles Kathryn diving Kathryn skin diving over coral reef
Mark scuba diving Mark on the bottom Mark skin diving Ghostly ship wrecks Sting ray
Ray half under sand Our fist photographed Sea horse! Burger size Bajan dive shop Trumpet fish Trumpet fish being dragged under sand by predator
Wrecks Wreck off acre off west coast Hawksbill turtle Skin diving with Green turtles in murky water Scuba diving with Hawksbills
Mark Sand diver Juvenile Hawksbill Out of the murk Box

Protected Mangrove Swamp Land

Swamp (which emptied out onto beach) Ferns Swamp flowers flowers 2 Swamp bananas
Swamp flowers Kathryn, Karen, Matt, Felix Open roots Kathryn Kathryn
  Swamp duck Mark Sunset over swamp  

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