EGYPT 2001  

Sharm el Sheik

Kathryn outside the Hotel Cleopatra   Our first beer and snorkel was here


Cairo Mosque of Mohammed Ali ...inside The Pyramids Bedouin
All three pyramids Camel pose Mark on camel trek The pyramid we entered Sphinx and pyramid
Portrait of a Sphinx ...and again Panoramic   Kathryn

Back at Sharm

On the dive boat Sunrise on the way to dive site ...60 seconds later Kathryn & Mark Desert coastline
The dive boats at the Marina   Wreck at Tirran   Sharm lights

Climbing Mount Sinai

On the way up Reaching a Bedouin rest shack Inside with dubious coffee Resting before the last climb Sunrise, summit of Mt. Sinai
Kathryn Many on the mount Freezing air at the top Mark Monastic hermit cells
On the way down Through valleys where Moses walked Scenes on the way down At the rest shack again More scenes descending
Many camels Stores arriving by donkey Mountainous desert The skulls at St. Catherine's Monastery The bones are kept at the end
Kathryn The "real" burning bush Monastic room Mohammed's hand print giving protection to the Christian monastery Outside where the monks used to haul themselves up

Back to Sharm

Miles and miles of desert Old Sharm - live food Kathryn, sun, beer Mark  

The Diving Photos

Mark and bubbles Clam Kathryn and cargo from Red Sea wreck Kathryn Mark and barracuda
Over the Thistlegorm Thistlegorm winch Golden fish Coral garden Soft corals
Eel Fish Puffer Eel Coral
Coral and fish Ray under sand Lion fish Sunlight Swimming ray
Swimming ray Coral Sand Barracuda Kathryn
Blue spotted sting ray Corals Ray Soft and hard corals Corals
Red Sea Banner fish Lacy fan coral Fan Grouper near wreck
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