Fiji 2004 (better resolution photos here)

Frozen seas and land from London to Los Angeles, First of nine airplane flights


Nadi Resort Hotel for one 'night' from 02.30hrs


Beautiful beech and good restaurant and bar on site. Good snorkeling.


Cava drinking and the next day visiting Deut's village and family for supper.


Hill and forest trek to waterfall. Explanations of plants and very hot.


Flying between islands from the smallest of airports


Homestay, Levuka, Ovalau - brilliant diving and brilliant breakfast with John and Marilyn.


The Diving at Wakayi Passage (many sharks easily seen but unfortunately very poor photography of them), Toki Passage, and Wai Tobu.
Lobster that John
wanted to eat
Clown fish
White tip reef shark
White tip reef shark
- actually two if you can
The rest are corals

Close up to the right


















Karin's Garden, Matei, Taveuni - wonderful private beech at Karin's. Also showing the road to the supermarket.




Tavora Waterfalls - Swimming behind the falls and playing Lara Croft (and Gollum) to get to them.

Video - Mark entering Waterfall



Again brilliant diving at the Rainbow reef - Great White Wall, Jack's Place, Fish Factory and Annie's Bonnie. The first two, and the Wakayi Passage from Ovalau, were the best.
Ribbon Eel
Free swimming
Skin diving
Garden Eels
Cardinal fish in
Moray (unfocused)
Kathryn saw
the Hammerhead
Long fin bannerfish
I clearly saw a
Leaf fish - but not
David's 1970's
depth gauge
working perfectly

Soft coral

Soft coral
Corals and reef fish
Eel's mouth
Marta after and
before biscuits
On the dive boat
Cardinal fish in swimthrough caves


Fiji from the small planes


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