On the plane out Dinner at St. Georges ..and again Kathryn & Mark at Tanki's Locals playing ball
Paradise beach, Carriacou Sunset ...and again Tanki, his daughter, and Roland Two Sisters, where we dived
Mark on beach Kathryn in mangroves Mark in Carriacou Kathryn on beach Kathryn in Carriacou
Mark in Carriacou Kathryn on beach Kathryn on roadside At Tanki's Dusk

Kathryn and Mark Sandy Island Mabouya Island; dived here Kathryn and view  
Walking   Rainforest Gazebo where we saw monkeys Kathryn
Mark Rain and Coca-Cola Waterfall At Crater Lake Palm Grove guest house
Local walk Kathryn skin diving Having dinner in Cotbam La Sagesse beach ..and again
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