Kenya 2000  


At the first lodge At the lodge Water hole from the lodge Buffalo Deer
Deer - there were no end of them Dusk at the lodge Monkeys Big bird - can't make it out This big sod started to charge us after rubbing its back on the tree
Elephants Elephants Elephants Deer Deer
Elephants and again Giraffes and again Group photo - Joseph Kathryn Mark Sonya Tony Clive Helen
Lion cubs Lion Lions Lion cubs Joseph - our guide
And sometimes he stood on the vehicle Solitary hippo Hippo Kathryn on safari At the hippo lake
Mark on safari Group photo with team leader Martin in the distant distance! Ostrich Mark and Kathryn Zebra
Cool settings from the lodge Kathryn with water holes behind With James Mwithimbu on the hippo and croc trail Group of hippos (believe it!) looking like rocks Observation at the lodge
A group of zebra and a group of deer Zebra in the distance Zebra backside Zebra  

Diving (no scuba photos)

The type of Dhow we sailed on Kathryn on the dhow Mark on the dhow Skin diving - grouper Skin diving off Shimoni
Kathryn skin diving Skin diving off Shimoni (without the skin) Dolphins! The dive boat Tbe Buccaneer Dive Bar

The Voyager Hotel

View of beach by hotel Kathryn and beach view Cards At the relax pool Vodka orange break during table tennis
Group photo at dinner At the relax pool Our room "on" the Voyager View from the room balcony Playing pool
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Acrobats at the Voyager Acrobats with bikes Masai selling goods at the hotel Hotel Back to World Map