Mexico 2000  

Preparing for trip

Kathryn trying on new wetsuit   ...and Mark   Holiday haircut


View from our balcony at Pichilingue ..and again Our apartment at Hotel Club Cantamar Pelicans In hammocks on beach
and again Kathryn in the pool Sunset from the balcony Pelicans on the way to the restaurant Pelicans
Kathryn at the beach restaurant Kathryn and Mark Mark On the boat for scuba diving, we saw killer whales and pilot whales from the boat Sunset at Pichilingue
    The sea lions we dived with    


Pattie, David, Pete, Kathryn, Mark Pattie, David, Roberto, Ajaol, Kathryn, Mark Kathryn on speed boat going to scuba dive off islands near Loreto Dolphins from the boat We saw groups of 40 to 50 dolphins at once
....closer up and by the boat KiKi, excellent one man show who took us to the dive sites and then to beautiful isolated lunch sites, with son Manta ray from boat One of the lunch sites after scuba diving .. and again
... and another Our room at the Baha Outpost Mark out for more diving Kiki took us into one of the caves Picture of the cave
From inside Kathryn on the beach during lunch .. and Mark Baha Outpost (scaffolding not noticeable from within!) At Chilli Willies
A glimpse of the mass of pelicans Kiki, son (Francisco), and Leon who runs the Outpost Mark in the hammock Kathryn with Humphrey Bogart Kathryn, Jackie, Len, Nancy, Stan at Chilli Willies beach restaurant
  Sunset, sand and sea from the restaurant, just as I like it   Ice cream, after dinner refreshments - many real flavours  

The Diving Photos

Ray under shingle Kathryn Puffer fish Goat fish Moray
Crown of Thorns Nudibranch Stingray Fish Coral
Slug Ray under sand Guitar fish Coral and fish Small puffer
Trumpet fish Red starfish Moray Angel Scorpion fish
Lobster Shells Yellow coral Eel Barracuda
Group photo Eel out Nudibranch    

La Paz

On the way to La Paz by bus, a break in the 4 and half hour journey Kathryn and a La Paz sunset The kind of view you get with a cheap hotel - La Paz .. and the kind of room, but the air conditioner worked and it was close to the beach Kathryn in La Paz
..and again Mark in La Paz Mark and a La Paz sunset Kathryn with La Paz background .. and Mark

Lax and sights from plane to UK

LAX LA at 35,0000 feet America from the plane Rockies Lakes
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Above the clouds   Sunrise at 35,000 feet   Back to World Map