Sri Lanka 1999  


Mark, outside our room in Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa Hikkaduwa - Poseidon Bar  
Poseidon Boat - Mark Kathryn diving Kathryn and Mark  from dive boat
Turtles whilst skin diving at Hikkaduwa Kathryn diving Pau Pau - Poseidon Dive Centre Hikkaduwa - rocks.  Skin dived here with Pau Pau

Tangalle by train and bus
Walter's House Tangalle - Mark Kathryn on Medilla Beach Ganesh Gardens - View from within Baby - Manager of Ganesh Gardens in Tangalle
Catamaran- went on the lagoon with this Lagoon - Tangalle Ganesh Gardens Ganesh Gardens - Kathryn

Going north to Ella

Tangalle roads Lizard Passing an elephant Monkeys by road side
Buddha & Kathryn Old place of worship Mark Once submerged Temple  

Ella - staying at Lizzie's

Ella Waterfall where many were selling 'precious stones' Entrance to Lizzie's Ella Guest House - Mark - Lizzie's Zebra which Kathryn will draw Mark and Tea plantations
Ella - Kathryn Ella Tea plantations    

Kandy by train through scenic tea plantations

Spider in our room at Kandy Mark in Kandy Kathryn in Kandy Kandy - Mark Kandy Bar
Kandy - Mark Temple of the Tooth Wild massive creepers Jungle Jungle - Kathryn
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