ThaiLand 2003


Hotel room in

Bar in Bangkok    

Siam Mansions Soi 12

The Grand Palace
<--------- At Krabbi and the rooftop cocktail bar ----------> On the way to
Koh Lanta
Bamboo Bay where we stayed in Ko Lanta    
Elephant trek and waterfall / caves      

Diving Photos - Diving with Lanta Diver - Koh Lanta

Fan Mark and Kathryn Sawtooth
Star Meal time
Clownfish Coral Damselfish Corals
<--------- Corals --------->
<--------- Corals ---------> Wrasse
Parrot fish Coral fish Bluering
Fusilier Oriental Sweetlip
Black blotched
Parrot fish Surgeon fish Whiptails
Moorish Idol Wrasse &
Trigger fish
Longfin Bannerfish Guineafowl Puffer Blackspotted Puffer
Brad flying in the sea instead of the air Kathryn
Various Dottyback Sharpfin Barracuda Spadefish Feeding
Ko Ha dive site Whiptails Trevally Glassfish
Glassfish Glassfish Glassfish Grouper Gung our
diving guide
In the cabin Jellyfish Kathryn on the dive boat Kathryn diving
Mark diving Gung & Kathryn Kathryn and Mark Leopard Shark !!
Leopard Sharks Lionfish Group of Lionfish Manta Ray !!
<---------------- Manta Rays !! ---------------->
Then we saw the Whale Shark!!!! pass overhead and swim off
Best diving Puffer as in all oceans Sea Urchins Moray (?snake
Giant Moray
Peppered moray Nudibranch Mark On diving boat Fringlip flathead
Scorpion fish Thorny Seahorse Live Shell Slug Crown of
Fringlip flathead Giant Moray      
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Return to Bangkok
with some luxury
On hotel balcony
overlooking Bangkok
Sunset from plane   Back to World Map