Yorkshire Dales 2000  

Yorkshire Dales Viaduct Dentdale and first tent View from solitary tent near babbling brook White Scar Caves
Kathryn in Caves ..and again .....and again Holes made from vertical whirlpools In the caves
Walks with water Money studded tree Mark with water Waterfalls 1 Waterfalls 2
and 3 and 4 and more waterfalls Gorges cut by water Open space
Quiet tent alone in field Grand new tent Veiw from inside Viaduct Viaduct with Kathryn
Lots of water ..again ..and again Making Wendsleydale cheese sandwiches in Wendsleydale!! Sunset from tent
Stone walls Kathryn Sunset with wine ..and again from tent Kathryn and Mark in new tent
On walk Walks in Dentdale Green grass Kathryn on bridge Together in fields
Wide grass and Kathryn Flowing water Sheep and Barn Owl Wine, tents, and views Back to UK & Ireland Map
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