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Kate  Early School

Uniform 6 combo pictures with the Dinosaurs - Autumn 02


Combo pictures from Thrigby Hall - Autumn 02


Winter months 2002

Barbie play
Science Fun in town
Play and fashion with Dad
Wallpaper removal
Natalie's November Birthday Party
Kate & Barbie Christmas Fr. Christmas

Winter months 2002




To the Sea Life Centre and coast with Dad Polly Pocket gets a pool
Clever girl gets best effort cup from school
And first school photo
And Polly comes back with a stretch limo
Butterfly Kate after a Zoo trip with new friend. Kate nesting in the garden    
Winter Gardens and the beach - Sept



Now an exellent bike rider - Riding with Evie and Dad  
Kate with Maya Christmas 2004    
New Bike          



Kate and Maya (Video) .        





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